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Citizenship Week 2024

Becoming a Canadian citizen is a momentous occasion that marks the final step in the immigration journey. Every year, we celebrate Citizenship Week, a chance to celebrate new citizens and all that it means to be Canadian—our diversity, our history and our culture. This year this important week runs from May 13th to May 19th.

Citizenship ceremonies are an emotional and meaningful experience for all those who have a chance to participate. They provide an opportunity to witness new Canadians reach this proud milestone and reflect on the significance of citizenship, the rights it affords, and the responsibilities it bears. Citizenship is a commitment to Canada and all Canadians.

Everyone in Canada is invited to celebrate Citizenship Week by attending citizenship ceremonies taking place this week across the country. As part of our efforts to modernize our services, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has made great strides when it comes to citizenship through online testing, virtual citizenship ceremonies, and an online application tracker that helps clients stay up to date on their files.

Quick facts

The citizenship ceremony is the final step to becoming a Canadian citizen. During the ceremony, participants accept the rights and responsibilities of citizenship by taking the Oath of Citizenship, which is usually administered by a citizenship judge.

Indigenous peoples’ history in Canada is rich and diverse. The stories of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples are essential to the story of Canada, and Indigenous peoples will continue to play an important role in Canada’s future. In June 2021, the Oath of Citizenship changed to recognize Aboriginal and treaty rights.

The Citizenship Application Tracker was launched in May 2021 to help clients stay up to date on the status of their citizenship application and be aware of any required next steps to complete it.

IRCC has launched online application processes for some clients looking to apply for a grant of citizenship, get proof of citizenship, or search citizenship records.

Between November 26, 2020, when the new online testing platform was launched, and March 31, 2023, nearly 546,000 people have taken citizenship tests online. Every week, IRCC is able to invite over 5,000 applicants to complete the test.

With a Canadian passport, you can visit 188 countries without a visa (data as of May 2024).



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