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Business Skills Training for Immigrant Women @ CFN

CFN is happy to announce our collaborative effort with Enactus Calgary to bring our clients Empower Business Skills Training. Enactus Calgary identifies demographics within our city that require support and work with individuals to help them build the skill sets, and knowledge they need to actively change their lives. Their programs focus on entrepreneurial development, economic and environmental sustainability, and financial literacy education. This brings us to Empower - a 9-week workshop created for immigrant women who are looking to gain the necessary business skills to start their own businesses in Canada. Many women come to Calgary with a vision of running their own small business out of their home but are overwhelmed with the amount of bureaucracy they must deal with to start their own company. The problem is not that these women lack the skill or drive to be successful, but rather, that they don't know where to begin. This is where Empower comes in. Empower aims to teach women the basics of starting a business - everything from accounting, and marketing to making a business plan and acquiring funding. Over the course of several sessions, women will be educated on the numerous steps required to start their own business. With the help of a mentor, these women will prepare a business plan and present it to our team for the opportunity to secure some seed capital for their own business endeavors. To register for the upcoming information session at CFN contact Ayo at


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