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We all have an immigration story.

For our 30th anniversary, the Centre for Newcomers wanted to create a living snapshot of Calgary’s cultural legacy for generations to come.


Unless you’re from an Indigenous family, every Canadian came to our great country from somewhere else. Many of us grew up hearing these stories from our parents, grandparents or great-grandparents. It’s become not only part of our individual heritage but is also part of Calgary’s collective inheritance.

CFN's 30th Anniversary Legacy Gift to the Community is a collection of videos created in 2019 showcasing the stories of immigrant families in Canada. Listen as first-generation immigrants and descendants of immigrants share their personal journeys and what it means to them to be a part of the Canadian community.

This project is funded by the Government of Canada, and supported by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Canadian Heritage, Alberta Culture and Tourism, and the Calgary Public Library.

Our amazing friends at the Calgary's Public Library have now uploaded hundreds of these stories to their permanent archives for everyone to enjoy. Simply click here to access them all. 

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