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Life Skills Training for immigrant women empowers newcomer women to understand, adjust and fully participate in their settlement process. You will learn by sharing your experiences and listening to the experiences of other women (and learn from each other). The program organizes activities based on your interest and what you would like to know to help understand your community.


What does the program offer?


  • Helps newcomers develop skills to understand and adjust to how things are done in their new country of Canada.


  • Empowers newcomer women by understanding what is right for them.


  • Helps you understand the settlement process you will go through.


  • Helps you have good communication within your family, with your neighbours and with other people you may meet every day.


  • Helps develop your self-confidence in talking to people or speaking in a group.


  • Helps you identify your personal barriers which can get in the way of success.


  • Helps you learn better ways to change your way of doing tasks.


  • At the end of the training, you will improve your English skills.


  • The series of 10 progressive core lessons help you become successful in Canada.



How will you benefit?


  • Overcome social isolation and increase social network.


  • Promote interaction and peer support among women participants.


  • Meet new friends; build your self-confidence.


  • Learn the necessary skills for good communication.


  • Learn effective problem-solving techniques.


  • Improve your English conversation skills while sharing your stories or experience.


  • Make your time in Calgary a positive experience.



Do you qualify?


  • Immigrant, refugee & other low-income women


  • Looking for friends and community connections


  • Have limited language skills


  • Interested to improve your communication skills



Transit tickets & child care available as needed.

For more information please contact:                                            

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