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Join CFN's WrapCap Prorgam for our 3-day Crossroads of Care Conference which will bring together professionals, youth, and organizations dedicated to improving the lives and settlement experience of newcomer youth in the PNT region in Canada.

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This conference aims to foster collaboration and share insights across various sectors that play a pivotal role in youth settlement, with a focus on SWIS, housing, employment, mental health and wellbeing, recreation, education, justice, wraparound services, and building overall organizational capacity to serve youth effectively.

Event Highlights:

Keynote Speakers: We have lined up experts in the field who will inspire and enlighten us with their wisdom and experience.

Workshops: Dive deep into specific topics through interactive workshops led by experts and youth, where you can gain practical skills and knowledge to enhance youth settlement efforts.

Breakout Sessions: Explore emerging trends and innovative strategies in smaller groups to engage in meaningful discussions and problem-solving.

Panel Discussions: Hear from individuals and organizations who are making a difference in the lives of youth in the PNT region, sharing their success stories and challenges.

In-Person & Hybrid Options: Whether you prefer to attend in person or virtually, we have you covered. Experience the event the way that suits you best.

Extra Activities: Take advantage of networking opportunities and extra activities designed to connect professionals, youth, and organizations with a shared commitment to youth settlement.

This conference is your chance to be part of a vibrant community dedicated to improving the future of youth settlement in the PNT region and beyond. Together, we can bridge the gaps and create a brighter, more promising tomorrow for our newcomer youth.

Don't miss this opportunity to make a lasting impact on youth settlement and join the Wrap Conference. Register now to secure your spot and be part of this transformative event. Together, we can make a difference!

This project is funded in part by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada


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