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Careers in the Film & Entertainment Industry

Are you looking to pursue an interest/career in the film and entertainment industry? CFN invites Immigrant youth ages 14- 24 to a very special event set for January 12th, 2024, from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm at the Centre for Newcomers. Take in presentations from an incredible trio of experts in their field, as Guro Alvin Catacutan, Avaah Blackwell and Hugh Fitzgerald will share their vast experience and knowledge. Participants will be introduced to ways of getting started in the film and entertainment industry, hear from local filmmakers and talents and get inspired to pursue their aspirations and dreams in the field. For more information or to register today visit

Alvin Catacutan is a highly skilled martial artist, with black belt rankings and teaching certifications in Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do, Silat, and Filipino Martial Arts from the Inosanto Academy. He has channelled his martial arts expertise into founding Pamana Kali, where he shares his ancestral heritage through teaching. In addition to his martial arts endeavours, Alvin has made significant contributions to the performing arts as an actor and fight director, enriching theatre productions and on-screen projects in both film and television with his combat choreography and performance skills. His work reflects a unique blend of cultural tradition and modern entertainment, backed by years of dedicated practice and teaching. He has prepared the stars of feature films for their roles using Filipino Martial Arts as the foundation of their fight choreography and is currently training stunt performers and actors at 87North productions.

Avaah Blackwell is a multilingual Canadian actress and versatile stunt performer. Classically trained in Europe, Blackwell began her career as a performer after graduating from Prague Film School's "Acting for Film" program at the top of her class. Perhaps best known for her work in “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,” she co-founded the film industry event series “Behind the Camera” at Soho House Toronto, and is the creator of the Soho House Short Film Festival. She produced the acclaimed, female-driven web series “Fan Girl Fights!” which launched both of the lead actresses into exciting stunt and action careers. Avaah utilizes her international training and experience to infuse her work with unique physical, emotional, and mental discipline. Versatile in her character choices, Blackwell is known best for playing strong female leads, as well as interesting supporting characters.

Hugh Fitzgerald is a respected Jiu-Jitsu black belt and martial arts expert with 18 years of experience in collegiate wrestling and over twenty years in various martial arts. Trained under the Machado brothers, he has also worked with figures like Royce Gracie and Guro Dan Inosanto. Hugh has trained celebrities and athletes, contributed to TV productions like CBS’s “The Unit,” and currently leads the Grappling program at 87NORTH Productions. His diverse roles in the entertainment industry include acting, stunt work, and coordinating, showcasing his multifaceted skills in both martial arts and film.


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